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Changes Big and Small

You may have noticed some changes here on the site – we have a new web address and a subtly different logo – which reflect changes that are happening in the real world of Surge. Surge is growing, and we wanted our online presence and visual representation to reflect our expanding work and vision. After having started as Surge Northwest, we decided to drop the “Northwest” part of our name. We like the simplicity of Surge by itself (and now it can be dually used as a noun and a verb as in “Surge for RJ!”) and while we remain committed to Seattle and Washington State place-based work, we are excited to build additional partnerships outside of the Northwest.

We find ourselves at an momentous point in Surge history, transitioning from an all-volunteer organization to a staffed organization. Over the past year, we’ve hired an amazing organizer and our first executive director, and are adding more staff this year. We are indebted to our founding members who have all worked incredibly hard to bring us to this point and who continue to work incredibly hard as current board members and unpaid staff.

What hasn’t changed? We’re still the only multiracial reproductive justice organization in Washington State led by people of color. We are continuing to advocate for the liberation of communities of color and low-income families. We are amplifying the stories and voices within our communities. We’re here for the long haul and we’re committed to justice.

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